30 days to a better life

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Habit 13 of 30: An attitude of gratitude

For a few years now, I’ve made it a habit to start each day with gratitude. In practice, that means reminding myself of at least three things I am grateful for — even before I hop out of bed in the morning.

Usually, it’s pretty easy and I end up going well over my bare-bones minimum of three, but some days — I’m not going to lie — it’s tough. …

30 days to a better life

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Habit 12 of 30: Prioritizing prayer

I try to avoid turning my morning routine into another painful daily tick-box exercise, but I also do my best to prioritize the habits that truly matter.

How do I decide which habits kick-start my day? Well, they’re the ones that set my day up for success.

If I miss a morning and it’s a real slog to get through the day, or if the habit gives me a positive morning lift, then I make sure it’s part of my morning routine.

Everything else comes sometime later (if at all.)

In the last few weeks, I’ve started each day with…

30 days to a better life

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Habit 11 of 30: Rest when you need to

This one has taken me a lifetime to learn.

As is usually the case, it took exhaustion to the point of collapse for me to slow down.

The last few days have reminded me of how important it is to invest in genuine rest. And regularly. Not just the “down-time” I set aside for exercise, a walk, reading a book, or any other activity to get stronger, learn more, problem-solve, or create. But complete, restorative rest.

This month, I’ll plan at least one full day off work each week. …

30 days to a better life

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Habit 10 of 30: Expecting the best; preparing for the worst

COVID-19 was a financial wake-up call for many; a reminder of how crucial it is to live within your means and to prepare for the inevitable rainy day too.

Thankfully, I’ve been a dedicated saver and a cautious spender for a while now.

This habit has provided me with options I wouldn’t otherwise have. I’ve left toxic and unfulfilling jobs, I’ve traveled and I have some flexibility while I set up the work lifestyle I crave. Learning to be a little money savvy has been well worth the effort.

Someone close to me recently went through a business failure and…

30 days to a better life

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Habit 9 of 30: Patience is a virtue

For a long time, I lived on autopilot.

I had a cushy job where I was paid pretty handsomely to sit at a desk and do work, I’m sure — with a bit of time and effort — any old Jo Blogs with a smidge of gray matter between the ears could do.

Why you needed a degree and years of experience to get in the door, I’m not sure…

I digress.

During those years, I didn’t think about money a whole lot. I knew how much I’d get paid from month to month…

Talk about wholistic health: It does more than you think

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This nutrient-packed, Brazilian berry has, in recent years, become something of a cult classic in the health and fitness community.

I mean, if you haven’t posted an Instagram picture of your post-workout Acai bowl, are you even healthy?

Even Oprah says it’s good for you — so it has to be, right?

And it’s a superfood too. So, that means… something.


While most of us have heard of Acai — and a myriad of health-related claims related to this purple powerhouse of foods— we’re fairly light on the facts.

So, let’s dig in.

It’s claim to fame

Health claims as broad as improved…

30 days to a better life

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Habit 8 of 30: The art of curiosity

There are a few qualities I hope I always possess, even in my old age. My insatiable curiosity is one of them. In fact, I’d probably list it in my top five.

In my mind, it’s a critical state of mind for any person who wants to be a success in life. Even those who’s focus is steered toward feasting on life should master it.

The habit of lifelong learning is the product of a curious spirit. Curiosity has to go somewhere, and if it’s purposefully channeled, it can push you into a deep dive of all sorts of things…

30 days to a better life

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Habit 7 of 30: A lemon a day

I’m a firm believer in the power of micro-changes. Big results happen because we make small, consistent changes.

Becoming a fitter and healthier version of myself is always on my radar. But I avoid extreme solutions because I just don’t think they’re sustainable. In the long term, they’re not healthy either, and in my book that simply means they don’t work.

To build onto my current workout routine, and the 30-day ab challenge I set for myself this month, I’m adding in another minor change:

This month I’m reincorporating a glass of lemon water into my mornings.

Quote 7 of 30: Stop the self-sabotage

“The most important…

30 days to a better life

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Habit 6 of 30: Create a winning environment

Settling into a non-corporate, unregimented lifestyle over the past few months has been liberating.

For possibly the first time in my life, I feel free.

My life doesn’t revolve around someone else’s agenda. Or lining their pockets.

I don’t have to get up at a specific time every day. If I want, I can start my workday late and slog away until the early hours of the morning. I don’t report to anyone, so it’s totally up to me.

This time freedom affords me extra daylight hours to invest in my loved ones and the other things I find meaning…

30 days to a better life

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Habit 5 of 30: Walking through the fire

Sometimes, life’s meant to be hard.

It’s taken me a long time to realize that.

In the past — when faced with a dark and difficult season — I would close my eyes, hold my breath, and aimlessly sprint toward anything resembling a finishing line. I didn’t want to acknowledge what I was going through, let alone admit those seasons are just as much part of life as the softer, warmer, more welcoming ones.

While it’s something I’ve been conscious of for a while, it’s always a balancing act. You need to know when to stick it out and bravely…

Caro Violet

writer. business-woman. musician. people-lover. adventurer. seeking truth and justice.

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